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Log Book Service

We offer top quality car services using only reliable parts and lubricants such as Castral, Penrite, etc. For our log book servicing, we use only genuine parts and manufacturer recommended lubricants.


Full Mechanical Repair

J POWER offers all kinds of mechanical repairs from basic brakes to engine swaps. With our experienced staff and fully equipped workshop, We can correctly diagnose the vehicle problem and inform the owner of the potential costs and work involved.


Performance Upgrade

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to performance. J POWER offers a wide range of bolt-on modifications and we will look after your performance need from air intake to exhaust or custom tuning, to ensure your vehicle always in top condition when is upgraded.


Wheel, Tyre & Alignment

Safety is always our concern to our customers, that’s why we look after your wheel, tyres and alignment to ensure you have a pleasant journey everyday. We will advise you how to take care of your tyres and wheels that will give you better mileage of your investment. Rotating tyres in time and driving with correct pressure will ensure safe and comfortable drive and even wear of the tread pattern.


Smash Repair

J POWER smash repair is fully dedicated to restoring your damaged vehicle to its original condition. With our highly trained technicians, we are very confident in our repairs or insurance claim. Visit us today and see how we can look after you.